Welcome to our wildlife paradise!

Rosslyn Safaris has been operating since 1969, one of the longest running hunting safari companys in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa.  Rosslyn Safaris is owned by Peter Johnstone, a key founder of the hunting industry in Zimbabwe.  Rosslyn Safaris offers both bow hunting and rifle hunting for leopard, sable and plains game on its own land and can also combine hunts with dangerous game hunts on other hunting properties within Zimbabwe. 

Rosslyn Safaris hunts out of Cawston Block, which is a dedicated safari area of 32,000 acres located close to Bulawayo on the Victoria Falls road. When it was first bought in the late 1980’s game numbers were low. Intensive management, some luck with the rains and the introduction of new bloodlines for a number of species effected a transformation. The result is a superb leopard, sable and plains game safari area - a piece of African paradise. With a wide range of free roaming wild animals and amazing bird life there is much to see.

Bow hunting is our specialty with 13 blinds, some ground level and some on stilts, built around waterholes. Rifle hunters are, of course, also very welcome and enjoy the varied savanna bush and the good results from our fair chase hunting. There is good hunting all year around.

Non-hunters can take advantage of the proximity of Bulawayo to shop and for sightseeing there are the Matobo Hills (2 hours by road) as well as the Victoria Falls (4 hours away by road).

Zimbabwe itself provides a rare and lovely combination of wild places, spectacular and varied wildlife, natural wonders, many adventure activities, a functioning infrastructure and friendly people.