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Covering 32,000 acres (13,000 hectares), Cawston is a superb leopard, sable and plains game hunting safari area. It’s perfect for families or groups, and offers exciting challenges for experienced hunters and beginners alike. All our animals are hunted fair chase. And you hunt with experienced, ethical PH’s. Bring a friend and have someone to recount those memories with, because it truly will be a hunting experience like no other.

Catering to all types

Whether you’re a rifle or bow hunter, experienced or a total beginner, Rosslyn Safaris has something to get you excited. Rifle hunters can enjoy the varied savannah bush and great results from our fair chase hunting, while bow hunters can spot and stalk with access to 13 blinds (some ground level and some on stilts), built around waterholes. We don’t mix bow and rifle hunters unless in the same group.

When it comes to first time hunting, we’re excellent at teaching beginners how to use a rifle or bow and how to stalk and hunt their first animal. Our environment is safe and the wildlife is plentiful all year round, meaning you’ll have all the time and space you’ll need for a relaxed approach.

We’ve also researched the best areas for elephant, buffalo, hippo and crocodile hunting that combine well with Cawston. So contact us and we’ll help put together your dream hunt in premium Zimbabwean areas.

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